Saturday, 22 December 2012

We are just an E mail away :-)

Kingfisher Staff  Grievances

So many Kingfisher Staffs are waiting for many  Grievances,

Payments of Salary, 
Form 16 
other HR related issue.

Our Team of Legal and Aviation HR Experts will try to solve those
Kingfisher Staff  Grievances as soon as possible. 

If any staff do not wish to disclose their Indetity they can hide
the identity and send us  Kingfisher Staff  Grievances,

We are just an E mail away :-)

This is not a Right Time 
for Frustation
Its a 
Right Time for Action

Mail US :

Only a Legal Action can get you justice in the time of Aviation Recession :(

PS : 
Only serious Staff needs to send Kingfisher Staff  Grievances,

If You do not need, Please forward to all your 
Staff He / She may need it 

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